Chess U® provides courses for all levels, from beginners all the way to masters

  • Does it work on the iPad?

    Yes. Chess U® is a true iPad app. Get the iPad version from the App Store.

    Where can I run Chess U®?

    Chess U® runs on your iPad Touch, iPhone, and iPad (see above). We are considering porting it other platforms, stay tuned.

    What does it mean when Chess U® is "Updating…"?

    A. At times we need to sync Chess U® with the latest courses and prices on our server. Updates can be slow when your wireless connection is slow or intermittent. Please check your devices internet connection.

    How much does it cost?

    Chess U® is free, and ships with a free course, Attack 101. Once installed, you can download a second free course, Learn Chess. Beyond that, more than a dozen courses, including selected live tournament coverage, can be purchased in-app for 99 cents each. We are constantly adding new courses, both free and paid. Contact us and let us know what you would like to see.

    I see a course called "Intermediate Series 1"... what is it?

    Version 2.1 lets you buy a Series of several courses at a discounted price, to commit to improving a specific area of your game. Intermediate Series 1 offers you 5 popular Intermediate courses for the price of 3. Watch for further Series topics soon.

    I re-installed Chess U®. What happened to all the courses I bought?

    As of version 2.0, use the Reload All Purchases button in Settings. Apple will let you re-download both the app, then your purchased courses. Even if it appears Apple wants to re-charge you, in the end they will not.

    I bought some courses on my iPhone. Can I use them on my iPad?

    Yes, you can use your courses across all devices that you sync with the same Apple ID from your original purchase. Go to Chess U® Settings page, and just click the Reload All Purchases button.

    What about refunds?

    Chess U® is free, and includes free courses to try it out. If needed, we request that you initially pursue Apple's policy of seeking a refund through Apple.

    What is a Pack and How do I play the Courses in a Pack after I've bought a Pack?

    A Pack is composed of Courses. After you buy a pack, you can use the app to query for Intermediate or Tournament (depending on what kind of pack you bought) and then scroll down the results list until you see the Courses that you just bought. These courses will now be playable after your Pack Purchase.