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    Dortmund 2012

    Welcome to the super-GM tournament coverage of Dortmund 2012!  This strong event had the following finish:

    1-2 6.0 GM Fabiano Caruana ITA 2775
        GM Sergey Karjakin RUS 2779
    3-4 5.5 GM Ruslan Ponomarlov UKR 2726
        GM Vladimir Kramnik RUS 2799
    5-6 5.0 GM Arkadij Naiditsch GER 2700
    6   GM Peter Leko HUN 2730
    7 4.0 GM Georg Meier GER 2644
    8 3.5 GM Daniel Fridman GER 2655
    9 2.0 GM Mateusz Bartel POL 2674
    10 1.5 GM Jan Gustafsson GER 2629

    Many interesting games were played.  In particular, Kramnik played two spectacular brilliancies only to falter at the end vs co-winner Caruana.  GM Fabiano Caruana won the event on tie-break over GM Karjakin, his first-ever super GM tournament victory.

    • 1Caruana-Fridman...
    • 6Caruana-Kramnik...
    • 2Ponomariov-Bartel...
    • 7Meier-Ponomariov...
    • 3Karjakin-Fridman...
    • 8Meier-Bartel...
    • 4Gustafsson-Kramnik...
    • 9Ponomariov-Caruana...
    • 5Kramnik-Meier...
    • 10Gustafsson-Naiditsch...
  • Author
    Mark Ginsburg

    Mark Ginsburg received his IM title in 1982.  He has played against many Grandmasters in the USA and in Europe.  His peak USCF rating was 2578 in 1993.