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    Basic Checkmates 101

    In this course we learn Basic Checkmates, such as King and 2 Bishops versus lone king, King and Rook versus lone king, King and Queen versus Lone King, and finally the most difficult King, Knight and Bishop versus Lone King.  These fundamental checkmate techniques are the cornerstone of winning chess.  We also see King and Pawn versus King which can become King and Queen versus King after the pawn promotes.

    The most difficult checkmate we learn is King, Knight and Bishop versus King.  This requires two lessons to see how the knight and bishop coordinate to drive the lone king to the "good" corner, the color of the bishop.

    These checkmates are important because a winning advantage will often simplify to one of these situations and every chess player should know how to administer checkmate starting with a decisive material edge.


    --IM Mark Ginsburg

    Tucson, AZ, USA  Fall 2012

    • 1Knight and Bishop, Part 2....
    • 4.5King and 2 Bishops vs. Lone Ki...
    • 2King and Pawn versus King...
    • 5.5Knight and Bishop, Part 3...
    • 3King and Queen versus King...
    • 6.5Knight and Bishop...
    • 4King and Rook Versus King...
  • Author
    Mark Ginsburg

    Mark Ginsburg received his IM title in 1982.  He has played against many Grandmasters in the USA and in Europe.  His peak USCF rating was 2578 in 1993.